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With a Greek heritage and a profound respect for education instilled by his family, Chris embodies humility and a grounded perspective. His love for hunting, fishing, and cherishing moments with his grandkids reflects his appreciation for life's simple pleasures and a genuine connection to nature. In 2005, Chris realized a dream by opening the original Wild Olives in Rosemary Beach. Now, after fifteen successful years, he embarks on a new milestone with his new restaurant, a culmination of lifelong dedication and a shared vision with his partner, Slayde. Chris's unwavering commitment to excellence continues to elevate the culinary industry. Join him on an extraordinary gastronomic journey marked by passion, expertise, and the pursuit of perfection—a truly unforgettable experience awaits.

Chef Chris


Wild Olives Logo

Slayde firmly believes that a knowledgeable staff is essential for any successful business. Outside the professional realm, Slayde embraces a spirit of enjoyment. Hosting gatherings at his home, preparing delectable meals, and crafting delightful drinks for others bring him great pleasure. His ultimate goal is to create an ambiance at Wild Olives that evokes a sense of being in the comfort of one's own home. For Slayde, treating his staff like family is of paramount importance as he strives to establish a foundation of trust, fostering a beautiful environment for all. Wild Olives is the result of combining the expertise of one of the finest chefs, an exceptional wine program, and an outstanding bartender on 30A. By bringing together these exceptional talents, Slayde and Chris have created an unparalleled dining experience at Wild Olives.

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